Laxmi Taru's journey to your skin care

Native to and largely cultivated in the lowlands of Central America, Simarouba Glauca, more popularly known as ‘Paradise Tree’, and closer to home called   ‘Lakshmi Taru’, is a wonder-plant in no small way. First introduced in Maharashtra in the 1960s, Lakshmi Taru has myriad uses, so much so, that every part of this tropical plant- including its oil, bark, and the fruit pulp- has great therapeutic properties. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at learning about some of its life-enriching and curative properties.

Lakshmi Taru: A Plant with Anti-Cancer and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Cancer patients can benefit from the plant’s leaves and stem, as regular use and ingestion can help boost their immunity and help them battle cancer in a more natural way. High concentration of Tannins in this robust plant also helps relieve diarrhoea and malarial fever. The bark of Laxmi Taru is so effective in easing dysentery that it’s  sometimes even referred to as the ‘Dysentery Bark’.

Lakshmi Taru: The Versatile One

Lakshmi Taru Seed Oil is edible and largely cholesterol-free, and can work harmoniously in baking and cooking.

The Tree’s wood is insect-resistant, thus making it an ideal choice for manufacturing good quality furniture and toys.

Laxmi Taru has become a favorite go-to of many manufacturing industries for producing soaps, cosmetics and skin-care products.

The oil from this tree is used as an active biofuel and lubricant. This tree can be helpful for any nation that spends most of its budget on the import of edible oil and petroleum, and thus help boost its economy.

The crushed seeds of the plant can be used as anti-venom against snake-bites.

The oil and its sugar rich fruit-pulp are used in preparing beverages, and the shell is used to make activated-charcoal for fuel.


Saving Nature with Lakshmi Taru

Owning to its well-developed and dense root-system, and an evergreen canopy, the Paradise Tree’s impact on the nature is profound, in the sense that the tree goes a long way in preventing soil-erosion and depletion. This helps prevent floods and  support microbial life by improving the quality of underground water.

Like any other tree, Laxmi Taru efficiently converts solar energy into biochemical energy, thus helping in wasteland restoration, and the reduction of overall carbon-footprint.

The dense, evergreen canopy of the tree is capable of housing within itself, a variety of fauna like birds and other organisms, providing them a safe and thriving haven from the harsh weather and predators, thus keeping the eco-system balanced.

The pulp and leaf-litter of the Paradise Tree are economically beneficial in manufacturing Vermi-Compost.

The Paradise Tree: Our Story, Inception and Efforts

Skin-care brand, ‘The Paradise Tree’, started with the deep passion and devotion of its proprietor and creator, Satyam Talwar, towards actively researching and conducting trials with his team of scientific researchers and dermatologists, to bring to the market a revolutionary and austere range of cosmetics, that are sourced responsibly. His research and purpose go back to 2015, when he got to know about the brilliant, rare and miraculous properties of the Laxmi Taru Tree, and how its oil can be used to enhance one’s skin-care regime, while healing and restoring the tonal quality of skin naturally. The result was India’s first and only skincare company that uses Laxmi Taru Oil as a part of its luxury Ayurvedic range of products. Brand name, ‘The Paradise Tree’, is paying homage to this miraculous plant.

Extracting Laxmi Taru Oil from its seed is a tedious, long, low-yield and labour-intensive process, and the brand makes sure that the consumers get nothing but the best out of their purchase. The customers are investing in package of virgin, cold-pressed goodness once they buy a skin-care product.

The Paradise Tree supports the farmer-cooperatives in Karnataka and Orrisa through The Sri Sri Rural Development Program (SSRDP)- an organisation that is helping light villages with solar panels, and building schools to facilitate child education programs.

The Paradise Tree’s constant endeavour is to source innovative, highest-grade and nature-derived extracts and oils to bring to you the best of skin-care products, sans any harmful chemicals and synthetic parabens and sulphates. The natural concoctions are created to wonderfully better your skin from within, while bettering the environment with  eco-friendly values and endeavours.